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The Promise of Mass Timber is a publicly available resource that seeks to inform, educate, and develop a deeper understanding of mass timber construction, forests and solutions to climate change. We aim to provide an accessible resource for the architecture, engineering and construction community about many intricacies of using wood as a sustainable building material. As the mass timber industry evolves, expect that this digital magazine will evolve along with it, providing insights and analysis of the role of forests in the built environment.

Public Access

The materials presented on this site are publicly available, shareable and available for educational and non-commercial uses. Please contact us for more information.

Contact Information

For all inquiries please contact:

Marcus Kauffman
Biomass Resource Specialist
Oregon Department of Forestry
541-580-7480 cell/text


Marcus Kauffman: project lead, project management, photography, writing and editing

Dan Bihn, Bihn Communications: science and technology content – data visualizations, writing, motion and still photography, web design and deployment. Connect with Dan on LinkedIn or visit his website.

Dana Vion: video content creation, editing and productionView Dana’s website.

Julie Waters: webmaster and social media specialist

Jason Cox: social media content creation and dissemination

Elena Dickerson: copy editor

John Tokarczyk: content guidance and copy editor


This work was funded by the Oregon Department of Forestry and generous support from the USDA Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Region.

Initial concept exploration and animation development funded by the Colorado State Forest Service.

Technical Review Team

Numerous technical and academic experts contributed their knowledge, insight and expertise to the development of this work. The project’s Technical Review Team kept the work grounded in reality and were a steady source of inspiration and contacts. 

Ethan Martin, DCI Engineering

Dr. Dennis Becker, University of Idaho

Dr. Robert Malmsheiner, State University of New York

Craig Rawlings, Forest Business Network

Judith Sheine, University of Oregon School of Design

Iain McDonald, Tallwood Design Institute

Evan Schmidt, Tallwood Design Institute

Dr. Edie Sonne Hall, Three Trees Consulting

Kathryn Fernholz, Dovetail Partners

Ben Kaiser, Kaiser-Path

Mike Cloughsey, Oregon Forest Resources Institute

Brian Kittler, American Forests